Welcome to the website of the artist Rupert Lees. Here you will find a selection of artwork produced over the last three years - a small online portfolio as it were...
All drawings are in pen and ink on paper. The copyright of all work remains with the artist.
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As you have been perceptive enough to uncover this text, then I hope you may also be interested in reading the additional text concealed on each page - where I humbly proffer brief descriptions of each drawing, and perhaps provide some insight into their origins and inspiration...
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Rupert Lees retains all rights, including copyright, to the artwork on this site. The copying of artwork on this website, except for the purposes of fair use as defined in the copyright laws, and as described below, is expressly prohibited.

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Permission for such use is granted on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of Rupert Lees.